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Jerry Hey Trumpet Player

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Jerry Hey

is a trumpet player, flugelhorn player, horn arranger, string arranger, orchestrator and session musician who has played on hundreds of commercial recordings. Jerry Hey was born in Dixon, Illinois and began playing the trumpet at 18 months old. Jerry began performing on the trumpet, in church, at the age of three. Jerry's Band Director was Bardel Bowman who began teaching Jerry trumpet when Jerry was ten years of age. Jerry was able to take private trumpet lessons in high school from Chicago Symphony Trumpet Player Charles Geyer. Jerry came from a family of musicians who all had perfect pitch.

Jerry listened to a lot of Clifford Brown and Freddie Hubbards solos while growing up and found that he had perfect pitch as he worked on those solos. Jerry auditioned for the Orchestra at Indiana University and he placed second out of 250 trumpet players who auditioned. Jerry hadn't originally planned to attend Indiana University; however, a trumpet player friend, whom he had met when he was in high school at Interlochen Summer Camp, was going there and explained that there were some good trumpet teachers there, including Louis Davidson, first trumpet in the Cleveland Orchestra for 23 years. Originally, Jerry was scheduled to take private trumpet lessons from a teaching assistant of Mr. Bill Adam's; however, he auditioned for the orchestra and placed second. Jerry was then called into Mr. Adam's office and he told Jerry that he would be his Teacher. Jerry was at Indiana University for two and one half years and those years were the "foundation of everything I know about trumpet and life itself" states Jerry.

Mr. Adam was without a doubt the finest person Jerry had ever met. Mr. Adam not could not only make anyone believe that he or she would be the next greatest trumpet player; however, he also taught you the important points of dealing with the daily trials of life. He treated everyone with a smile, a nice word, and a twinkle in his eye, and I try to emulate him to thsi day. Jerry practiced trumpet a lot with Larry Hall and Charley Davis while at Indiana University.

At one point, Larry Hall moved to Hawaii to play trumpet in the shows there and eventually Jerry joined him along with Gary Grant, Ollie Mitchell, and Chuck Findley. They formed the band "Ox" which later became "Seawind." This is when Jerry began transcribing music and writing horn parts out of necessity. Jerry eventually moved to Los Angeles in 1976 along with "Seawind" and began recording horn parts for various muscial groups getting his start with Quincy Jones.

Jerry Hey Trumpet

Jerry Hey's Trumpet Gear:

Jerry Hey began playing trumpet on a Bach Model 37 Professional Model Trumpet and a Bach 3C trumpet mouthpiece. He has also played on a Calicchio 1s2 Professional Model trumpet. Jerry has always played on a 3C rim, but had a Bob Reeves bottom made when he first came to Los Angeles in 1976. Jerry played the Calicchio 1s2 for about ten years in the late 70's and 80's before returning to the Bach Model 37 Professional Model Trumpet. Jerry believes that trumpet players should play on equipment that is comfortable to them and gives them the sound they are after.

Jerry Hey Trumpet

Jerry Hey's Trumpet Advice:

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