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Dan Fornero Trumpet

Dan Fornero Trumpet

Freelance Trumpet Player Dan Fornero is originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dan Fornero began playing the soprano bugle from 1969-1974 in the Kiltie Kadets & the Kilties Drum & Bugle Corps. Dan began playing the trumpet in 1971 in the public school system band program (7th grade). Dan was largely inspired by the older kids in Drum & Bugle Corps as well as by Bill Chase, Maynard Ferguson, Stan Kenton's band and most notably the pop recording work of Jerry Hey and Gary Grant.

Dan Fornero attended North Texas State University from 1977 - 1981 where he played 1st trumpet in the famed One O'clock Lab Band in 1980 & 1981. Moving to Los Angeles, California in 1982, Dan left for a year on the road playing lead trumpet with Woody Herman and The Thundering Herd. In 1988, Dan began a three-year tour with Tom Jones. In 1991, Dan became a founding member of the Vine Street Horns and began recording and touring with many great artists. The Brian Setzer Orchestra was formed with Dan Fornero again on 1st trumpet. 1993 brought another tour with Tom Jones in addition to a Vine Street Horns tour with Al McKay & The LA Allstars, performing the incredible music of Earth Wind & Fire. World tours soon followed with the amazing Phil Collins and the great French rocker Johnny Hallyday In 2001, Neil Diamond was added to the touring list, and from 1993-2005 Dan found himself touring the world several times over between these different artists. In 2004, Dan became a member of the Gordon Goodwin Big Phat Band, sharing the lead trumpet responsibilities with Wayne Bergeron. Dan is a freelance trumpet player based in Los Angeles, California and he has dozens of film credits.

Trumpet Player Dan Fornero relates," Al Sabo first taught me how to produce a decent sound on a 7B mouthpiece before issuing me a soprano bugle. Joe Bolyard (although a baritone player) gave me my first private lessons on trumpet in 7th grade. Jack Yorton became my trumpet teacher from 8th through 12th grade teaching primarily out of the Arbans Trumpet Method book. I attended three week-long Jamey Aebersold Combo/Improv clinics from 1975-1977 and I attended a one week-long Stan Kenton clinic in 1977.

Don (Jake) Jacoby of North Texas State University had a huge influence on me, especially in my college years. He always stressed the importance of projecting your sound in front of you, playing through the horn, and that more volume was not the key to a big sound. Danny, you dago bastard, there's nobody standing inside your bell listening to you get your @#$%&* sound out in front of you! He also asserted that high notes are not actually higher they are simply further forward. Jake was a beautiful man with an enormous heart, and he and his wife Dori really treated me like family they treated everyone that way! He was a straight shooter who was not afraid to call you on your bull sh_ _ which he did to me several times! I learned a lot from him, and I'll always be grateful for Jake.

I practice Herbert L. Clarke's Technical Studies mostly and have for many years. Practice time is not always easy to find and the first three technical studies seem to help me get a lot done in a short period of time. Although I have never studied with him, I practice the expanding scales idea taught by Mr. Bill Adam in Indiana. I apply the expanding idea to almost all of my practice. Most of what I practice I have garnered from players around me, adapting the various ideas into my practice routine.

I recommend that kids play along with their favorite records (CD's). I really think it is a great way to open your ears and find a deeper understanding of music. It helps you uncover and discover your own musicality by joining in and having the experience of performing music that you find yourself drawn to, music that excites you! I have always played along with my favorite records. I recommend doing this without written music. It taught me to really dig in, raise the bar and figure out what I was hearing, helped me better understand what it takes physically to play the trumpet, and made me feel like part of the band! Not only was this a huge help to me when I was young, but it was great fun and very challenging.

Trumpet Player Dan Fornero currently plays a Yamaha 9335V Professional Bb Trumpet; a Yamaha 8315G Professional Model Flugelhorn and he utilizes GR Mouthpieces. Says Dan, "The Yamaha Corporation is constantly redesigning their line and all of my horns are made by Yamaha. They really make great instruments." The GR trumpet mouthpiece is a custom GR Mouthpiece with a standard 3 Series rim. The cup volume is close to a Standard GR "MS" cup with a higher alpha angle, lower beta angle and a matching throat entrance for that particular design.

Dan digs James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, George Duke, etc. The jazz musicians Dan prefer are too many to list, but he absolutely craves Coltrane, Miles, the Brecker Brothers as well as Latin Jazz. Classically, Dan enjoys Sergei Nakariakov, Mahler and orchestral players Bud Herseth, Malcolm McNab and Jon Lewis. Dan's favorite jazz trumpet soloist is Woody Shaw.

Dan Fornero's advise to young players is to "learn everything you can from your teachers as well as the players around you and practice. Trumpet playing is a lot like golf: you will most likely never be any good at it until you put in a lot of practice. And like golf, regardless of how good you get, the easy shots can become very difficult. Even Tiger will miss the occasional short putt. The greatest trumpet players in the world are all capable of missing the easiest of passages. Practice simply increases your odds of accuracy. It also makes playing music more fulfilling and more fun, after all - that's what it is supposed to be!" - DAN FORNERO

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