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Professional Trumpet Players Gear List:

  • Adolfo Acosta - Yamaha Bobby Shew 8310Z Professional Bb Trumpet. Yamaha YTR 8340EM Professional Bb Trumpet. Yamaha Shew Lead mouthpiece.

  • Greg Adams - Monette Ajna 2 Professional Bb Trumpet. Monette B7f mouthpiece.

  • Serafin Aguilar - Professional Model Bach 43* Bb Trumpet with a "Megatone" like Modified Bach 3D and Schilke heavy bottom caps.

  • Raul Agraz - Professional Model 725 Cannonball Bb Trumpet with Artemis Best Brass trumpet mouthpieces.

  • Cat Anderson - Conn Constellation trumpet. Mouthpiece: Burt Herrick mpc in goldplate in addition to ones custom made by Charlie Allen in Chicago

  • Luca Aquino - Professional Model Hub Van Laar Bb Trumpet Hub Van Laar Oriam Flugelhorn and Greg Bush New York #8 trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Andrew Balio - SE Shires Model ASE / W07 Bb Professional Bb trumpet; SE Shires Model 5SE / W9 Professional C trumpet; SE Shires Model 6MS8 / Y6H Professional Eb trumpet

  • Rick Baptist - A (1965) Schilke B5 Professional Bb trumpet. A custom Patrick brand mouthpiece equal to a Bach 3c.

  • James Barela - Bach Stradivarius Sterling Silver Plus Large Bore Professional Model Trumpet with a #72 bell and 25o leadpipe with a C crook tuning slide. Marcinkiewicz Mouthpieces including the #11, 13, 15 and a Bach 7E.

  • Scotty Barnhart - A Monette Prana Ajna II Professional Bb Trumpet and a Monette Prana B15S4 mouthpiece.

  • Paul Baron - Jupiter 1600S-SRB3 Lightweight Bb Trumpet for commercial/lead that he helped design with Jupiter and the JTR-1600S-SRB3 Red Brass Bb Trumpet for classical work. Pickett Brass - Paul Baron Signature mouthpieces.

  • Wayne Bergeron - Yamaha YTR 8335LA Custom Bergeron Professional Bb Trumpet. Custom GR Studio and Classic mouthpieces.

  • Lin Biviano - Calicchio, Bach and Schilke B1 with a tuning bell. Mouthpieces: custom Reeves, Schilke 6A4a mpc, custom Stork

  • Seneca Black - Monette 2000 LT Professional Bb Trumpet. Monette B4S, B4L, and B4LVS trumpet mouthpieces.

  • Mike Bogart - Yamaha 6310Z Bobby Shew Model; Bach Artisan Professional Model Bb Trumpet. Valve Trombone - Holton Superbone valve/slide w/ Yamaha bell; Mouthpieces: - Bobby Shew Marcinkiewicz 1.5; Joe Shepley Signature Marcinkiewicz mouthpiece.

  • Chris Botti - Martin Committee trumpet (large bore 0.468 from 1939). Silver plated Bach 3 trumpet mouthpiece from 1926.

  • Cindy Bradley - Custom Harrelson Nouveau Bb Professional Trumpet with #4 leadpipe, #3 bell and rounded tuning slide. The Harrelson SWE B2 mouthpiece.

  • Rick Braun - Rick plays two Patented Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Instruments made by Joe Marcinkiewicz. The Rick Braun Model SC4XCB.358 ML Trumpet & Flugelhorn. His trumpet mouthpiece is the custom made E9.3 Marcinkiewicz trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Randy Brecker - Randy plays a Yamaha Xeno Model YTR-8335 Professional Bb trumpet with a Bach 2.5 C Megatone mouthpiece.

  • Bud Brisbois - In the '60's Bud played a Getzen 900S, in the '70's he switched between a Custom Holton St-200, Calicchio and a Bach. The Holton had a .465 bore & thin leadpipe gauge. Mouthpiece: Bud's mpc was a custom Burt Herrick, then in '73 Bob Reeves made a duplicate for him. It had a Bach 10 1/2C rim, shallow semi-v cup, 26 throat and a short shank.

  • Clifford Brown - Blessing Super Artists Model trumpet; Mouthpiece: New York Vincent Bach 17C1

  • Kevin Burns - Conn 8B (mid 60s) Bb Trumpet. Stork LTV6 Trumpet Mouthpiece. He also keeps a Bach 3C for symphonic work.

  • Ronnie Buttacavoli - a Cannonball Professional Model 725-B Bb trumpet.

  • Winston Byrd - a Cannonball Professional Lynx Model Bb trumpet.

  • Steve Cannon - Steve plays two Patented Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Professional Bb Model trumpets ... the SC3X+RB.7ML EV and Model 3.6ML RLP.

  • Jason Carder - gold lacquer Yamaha 8310Z Bobby Shew Custom Bb Trumpet with a gold plated Marcinkiewicz Roger Ingram Signature Mouthpiece bored out to a 26 throat. Raw brass Calicchio with the 3 bell and 7 lead pipe for small group jazz. Jazz mouthpiece is a Warburton 5MD with a 7* backbore and 25 throat.

  • Marques Carroll - a Cannonball Professional Model 725 Bb trumpet.

  • Bill Chase - In the 1950's, Bill Chase played a Martin-Committee 2B trumpet, one had an up-turned bell which he used until 1964, he then switched to a straight bell model. In 1964, Chase briefly played a Getzen 900s, he then switched to a Schilke model B6 in silver, in 1968 he again switched to the Schilke B6 model with a beryllium tuning bell. The Schilke B6 has a medium .450 bore that tapers out to a medium large .463 bell.

    In the 1950's, Chase used a Giardinelli, from 1960 thru 1971 he used custom Jet-Tone models the BCB & BC. The BCB had a small shallow cup & rim with a tight #28 throat. The BC model had a deeper cup. Late in 1971, Renold Schilke developed the Schilke Chase (6A4a) model for him based on the Jet-Tone BCB model, but with a more defined cushion #4 rim, 27 throat, and tight A backbore.

  • John Chudoba - 1s2 Calicchio Professional Trumpet. Newly designed Monette Prana BLW S1 mouthpiece.

  • Bill Churchville - Conn Vintage One 1B46 in gold plate with a lightweight bell. Marcinkiewicz E 10.3 and a Bach 3C.

  • Arnie Chycoski - The Besson Meha (large bore - lacquer). A Jet-Tone 3b. Thanks to Steve McDade for the information.

  • Mark Van Cleave - MV3 brushed lacquer finish Van Cleave Trumpet for most things and a MV2L model for others. Mark plays the Van Cleave Dyna-Flow C1 and M1 tops with the T1 throat and #3 backbore.

  • Kiku Collins - Getzen "Mike Vax" Model 3001 Professional Trumpet. LOUD Brand mouthpieces 3Z and 3C. Kiku uses a Josh Landress Mouthpiece Sleeve

  • Barry Danielian - Calicchio 1S2 Professional Model Trumpet. Custom Dave Monette Prana 3C mouthpiece.

  • Bryan Davis - Yamaha 8335LA Bergeron Model Bb Trumpet. Karl Hammond Design custom model mouthpiece known as the "Haas."

  • Jeff Davis - Besson Brevete Prototype (50's) Bb Trumpet. 7DW Bach modified with a Reeves "0" screw rim mouthpiece.

  • Pete De Siena - Bach 72 lightweight professional Bb trumpet. Bob Reeves #42 rim and depending on what he is playing, he uses a Bach 3c bottom or a Bob Reeves 42s cup with a #69 back bore.

  • Vince DiMartino - SE Shires Model AF / Z02 Professional Bb trumpet. SE Shires Vince DiMartino Signature Model C Professional C trumpet. SE Shires Model 6MS8/Z02 Professional Eb trumpet. Pickett Brass custom mouthpieces.

  • Dave Douglas - Silver Bach Stradivarius (large bore) professional Bb trumpet with a #25 bell. Bach 3B mouthpiece.

  • Scott Englebright - Bach Model #37 Professional Bb Trumpet. Stomvi S3 Professional Model Trumpet. Marcinkiewicz E-14 Shew #1 mouthpiece. FLEX YSL mouthpiece.

  • Jon Faddis - Schilke Custom Faddis Bb Professional Trumpet. Schilke Custom Faddis heavyweight trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Robert Feller - Robert "Bob" Feller plays the Patented Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt SC4X.7 ML EV RLP Professional Bb trumpet and Rembrandt SC464X.7 L Model C Professional Trumpet.

  • Maynard Ferguson - In the 1950's Maynard played an old Mt. Vernon large bore Bach, a large bore Calicchio, and a Martin trumpet. In the early 1960's, Maynard used a Conn Constellation 38B model trumpet. Between 1967-1971 Maynard played a Conn Liberator. After 1972, Maynard endorsed his own Holton MF line of horns. Holton MF Models (over the years) have included the ST-301, 302, 306 & 307. Maynard also designed a valve/slide combination trumpet (the Firebird) and a valve/slide combination trombone (the Superbone). Maynard switched to a custom made Monette MF Prana Bb Trumpet in September of 2004 made by Dave Monette.

    In the 1950's Maynard played a custom Rudy Muck mouthpiece, in the 1960's Maynard played a custom Giardinelli. Between 1967-1972 Maynard used a custom Jack Bell model. After 1972, Maynard used custom trumpet mouthpiece models made by Holton, Jet-Tone, Schilke & Monette. Maynard's mpc's all have small, flat rims with no inside bite, V cupped and varying throat sizes. Maynard switched to Monette mouthpieces in 1992. His last two Monette trumpet mouthpieces varied from the funnel V cup he had used for so long. They are the Monette MF-II Model and MF-III Model.

  • Chuck Findley - Hub Van Laar Chuck Findley Signature Model Bb and C trumpets as well as a Chuck Findley Signature Model Flugelhorn. Marcinkiewicz Signature Model mouthpiece.

  • Dan Fornero - Yamaha 9335VS (Vizzutti) Bb Professional Trumpet ML; GR Signature Mouthpieces

  • Dan Foster - Kanstul 1600 Bb Professional Trumpet. GR65S Mouthpiece.

  • Larry Foyen - A Harrelson Summit Professional Bb Trumpet and a Sonare TRC 900 Professional Bb trumpet. Larry plays a Scodwell Flugelhorn and a King 2166 Legend 3B Valve Trombone. For mouthpieces, Larry uses a Bach 1X, Bach 3C, Reeves 43M and a Mark Curry custom mouthpiece from his days with Maynard Ferguson.

  • Matt Fronke - A Selmer Concept TT Bb Professional Trumpet. A Jim New custom Kanstul rim screwed onto a 10-1/2 C bottom for classical gigs, and a Bob Reeves custom-made bottom for mellower jazz gigs (with the same screw-on rim).

  • Andy Fuller - Andy plays the Patented Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt SC3.7ML RLP professional Bb trumpet with a Marcinkiewicz E8.8 Andy Fuller Model trumpet mouthpiece.

  • John Fumo - Stomvi Elite ML; Kanstul copy of a Bob Reeves 42S with an altered cup.

  • Matt Gallagher - A Yamaha 6345G Bb Professional Trumpet. A Monette B2 mouthpiece and Marcinkiewicz Shew #1 for lead.

  • Chris Gekker - Monette Classic LT professional Bb trumpet. Schilke professional Eb trumpet. Schilke Piccolo trumpet and a Yamaha professional C trumpet. Monette B 1 5M trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Mic Gillette - specially designed Martin Committee trumpet with a 6 inch bell and extra large (.470) bore; Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Model SC3X.351 Large-Bore Bb Trumpet. Mouthpieces: Jet Tone Studio D; Mic Gillette Model E 8.7 Marcinkiewicz Mouthpiece.

  • Greg Gisbert - Yamaha 8310Z Professional Bb Trumpet. Marcinkiewicz Roger Ingram model mouthpiece and two vintage Al Cass mouthpieces for jazz playing.

  • Conrad Gozzo - old French Besson; Calicchio horns; Leblanc which made the "Conrad Gozzo" model trumpet. Mouthpiece: used a Bach 7C mouthpiece that Bert Herrick modified.

  • George Graham - BelCanto Large Bore trumpet; Yamaha 631 w/ Kanstul bell mounted like a trumpet bell flugelhorn then a Hub Van Larr flugelhorn; New York Bach 7C w/ rounded inner rim trumpet mouthpiece; Dennis Wick 4F flugelhorn mouthpiece; Burbank Piccolo Trumpet; Bel Canto Cornet; Bach C Trumpet & D/Eb Trumpets both w/ Akright conversion and interchangeable bells

  • Frank Greene - Gold plated Adams Model A5 Bb Trumpet. Bach 5B rim with several underparts ... a Bach "1 1/4 C" underpart; a Bobby Shew underpart; a Bach 1C bottom and a Di Nacola bottom

  • Gary Guthman - Gary plays the Patented Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt SC3.7ML Professional Bb trumpet with a custom trumpet mouthpiece designed by Joe Marcinkiewicz.

  • Augie Haas - Fred Powell Signature Professional Bb trumpets. Carl Hammond Haas Model custom mouthpiece.

  • Ernie Hammes - Dave Monette Model B 973 custom Bb trumpet. Monette B2 mouthpiece for classical and jazz playing and a Monette B6 for lead playing

  • Mike Herriott - Yamaha YTR-8310Z Bobby Shew Professional Model Bb trumpet; "Shotblast" YTR-8335RG Xeno Professional Model Bb trumpet. Mike Herriott Signature line of Harrison Wedge Mouthpieces.

  • Patrick Hession - Monette Prana XLT Bb Professional Trumpet. Monette Prana BL4 S6 Trumpet Mouthpiece.

  • Greg Hopkins - a Cannonball Professional Model Bb trumpet.

  • Steve Huffstetter - Gold-plated Bach #43 Bb Professional Trumpet. Bach 7C Mouthpiece.

  • Jim Hynes - Bach Stradivarius 43/72* Lightweight ML; Greg Black custom mouthpiece.

  • Roger Ingram - Jupiter Ingram Model Professional XO-1600i Bb trumpet. Ingram Signature Model mouthpieces produced by Pickett Brass.

  • Mark Isham - Monette LTJ Professional Bb Trumpet with a Monette Prana B15-81-19 mouthpiece.

  • Harry James - a gold-plated extra large bore (.472") Selmer Paris Balanced Action #25A. In 1954, King Company designed a custom trumpet with dual bore - going into the main tuning slide is medium large (.460"), and the bore in the valve section is huge (.472"). This model was not available to the public. There were only 30 instruments manufactured. Both of these horns were "balanced" meaning they were made so the valve section was exactly in the center of the trumpet. Mouthpiece - Parduba Double Cup *5* "Harry James Signature Model."

  • Steve Jankowski - Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Model SC4X Professional Bb Trumpet. Warburton 6M with a Q backbore.

  • Chris Jaudes - B&S Challenger JBX-GL Professional Model Bb Trumpet. Carl Hammond custom Lead mouthpiece.

  • Ingrid Jensen - A Monette Bb Professional Trumpet. Monette Prana IJ V1 (81 back-bore and 13 throat); Monette Prana Botti 6S (81 back-bore and 13 throat.)

  • Craig Johnson - SE Shires Custom Model BLW Professional Bb Trumpet. Monette LT BL-2J standard model mouthpiece.

  • Tony Kadleck - SE Shires Model CLW / ZOO Professional Bb Trumpet. Yamaha YTR 6335 Professional Bb Trumpet. Monette (LT) B5LM standard model mouthpiece and a Bach 5B mouthpiece.

  • Brian MacDonald - 1960 Conn Connstellation 36B. Marcinkiewicz Shew 1 (#E-14) mouthpiece.

  • Joe Magnarelli - Conn Model 38B Professional Bb Trumpet. A Bach 3C mouthpiece.

  • Vince Mai - Vince plays the Patented Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt SC4XRB.6ML Professional Bb trumpet as well as a Rembrandt Flugelhorn.

  • Jim Manley - VR2 Raptor Professional Model Bb Trumpet made by The Brass Spa. Bob Reeves mouthpieces. Jim Manley FLEX mouthpiece.

  • Michael Manthey - Scodwell USA Bb Professional Model Trumpet. Bob Reeves Mouthpieces.

  • Jim Markum - Kanstul Chicago model 1070 professional Bb trumpet with a .470 bore and a Hammond Design custom made mouthpiece.

  • Thomas Marriott - Martin Committee Bb Trumpet from the early 1960's. Bach 7C mouthpiece. GR trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Steve McDade - The LA, Chicago and Shew Yamaha Bb Professional trumpets. A custom made Black/Hill based on his Jet-Tone 3b.

  • Michael John McGovern - Played on an early pre-production Claude Gordon LA Benge and a Purviance 4*k4 rim with a Reeves 42 S underpart 28 throat, deepened by 15 thousandths, and a 69 backbore.

  • Malcolm McNab - B&S eXquisite Bb Professional Model Trumpet.

  • Dan Miller - Yamaha 6310Z Bb Professional Model Trumpet. Greg Black custom D.M. #1 mouthpiece.

  • Eric Miyashiro - Custom YTR-8340EM Professional Model Yamaha Bb Trumpet that he designed. Custom Miyashiro Yamaha mouthpieces.

  • Joe Morrissey - Custom YTR-8340EM Professional Model Yamaha Bb Trumpet. Custom Miyashiro Yamaha mouthpieces.

  • Joe Mosello - Schilke Model S22 Professional Bb Trumpet. SE Shires Model A/Y Bb Professional trumpet. Custom stainless top from Dave Houser with a gold titanium coating. Around a 3C diameter with a slightly shallower cup. Warburton #2 backbore and a 5.5 Reeve's sleeve.

  • Michael Mossman - Yamaha Zeno Bb Professional Trumpet; Yamaha 8310Z Bobby Shew Model Bb Trumpet. Schilke 17C4 mouthpiece to practice on, but plays a variety of other mouthpieces depending on the situation all the way to a Schilke 14A4A.

  • Teddy Mullet - Teddy plays the Patented Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt SC3X.351 L EV RLP Model Bb Professional trumpet.

  • Farnell Newton - a Cannonball Professional Model 725 (Black- Satin) Bb trumpet.

  • Lynn Nicholson - Bach (large-bore) Commercial Trumpet along with various copies of his signature mouthpiece including the Lynn Nicholson Monette Prana and the Lynn Nicholson FLEX mouthpiece. Now, a LynnZHorn designed by Kynn as well as signature mouthpieces designed by James R. New.

  • Dave Norman - Calicchio 1S/2 ML; Calicchio 1S/7 ML; Bach Stradivarius 43/72* Lightweight ML; Schilke 14 mouthpiece; Bob Reeves CF Model with an S cup; Marcinkiewicz Chuck Findley Signature mouthpiece.

  • Jim Oatts Conn One Vintage Bb Professional Trumpet. Custom made Schilke similar to an old Jet Tone with some modifications.

  • Bob Odneal -Gold plated German Destino bought from Doc Severinsen. Warburton Bob Odneal Signature Top with a #7 backbore.

  • Peter Olstad - Hub Van Laar Model B1 Professional Bb Trumpet. with custom Giardinelli mouthpieces made by Greg Black.

  • Jeff Ostroski - a Cannonball Professional Model 725-L Bb trumpet.

  • Dan Oxley - Custom Getzen Professional Bb Trumpet. Custom-made Patrick trumpet mouthpieces.

  • Steve Patrick - ML-Bore Bach Bb Professional Model trumpet with Blackburn bell. Patrick Mouthpieces of his own design.

  • Nicholas Payton - Mt. Vernon Bach Bb Professional Model #43 Trumpet. Greg Black 1 1/4 C Mouthpiece.

  • Mark Pender - B&S Challenger Elaboration Model 3137-L Bb Professional Trumpet.

  • Ted Piercefield - A Conn Constellation 38B Professional Model Bb Trumpet. A Jet Tone #7 mouthpiece that Bill Chase gave him.

  • Joey Pero - Bb Prana Anja Trumpet made by Dave Monette. Monette B2 mouthpiece.

  • Al Porcino - Large bore Benge Bb Professional trumpet. Bach 6C mouthpiece.

  • Mike Ponella - Jerome Callet Jazz Bb Trumpet. Alternates with three different mouthpieces (same rim size, but different cup) depending on the style of music to be played. The side to side diameter for each is similar to that of a 10 + 1/2C Bach size. Uses a deeper standard cup for legit work, and two heavy metal mouthpieces custom made by Vladimir Friedman for commercial playing and high lead work. One cup style is similar to a double-cup, and the other has a tight 28 + 1/2 throat size.

  • Jonathan Powell - A model 725 Cannonball Bb Professional Trumpet.

  • Adam Rapa - Custom Monette Prana 3 Bb Trumpet. Rapa L1 & Rapa 1 custom Monette mouthpieces.

  • Michael Rodriquez - Xeno 8345G Professional Bb Trumpet. Monette STC-1 B6 trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Steve Reid - Calicchio 1S/10 (ML) reverse lead Pipe; Schilke B1; Kanstul made - Marcinkiewicz Roger Ingram Signature with a 30 throat Kanstul Model 1525 Flugelhorn.

  • Rashawn Ross - Custom XLT Monette Professional Bb Trumpet. Monette (LT) BSL S3 trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Jim Rotondi - Stomvi USA Bb Trumpet. Custom made mouthpieces by Dave Houser.

  • Arturo Sandoval - Schilke X3; Schilke B1 trumpets with tuning slide braces for slotting of G over high C; a Leblanc T357 of his own design ... Gold plated with tunable bells one heavyweight and one light weight bell all with Deluxe engraving. Wild Thing Professional Model Trumpet by Flip Oakes. Flugelhorn: Kanstul Zkf 1525 with copper bell; Hub Vaan Laar Oiram Model Flugelhorn. Mouthpieces: Bach Mt. Vernon 3C

  • Carl Saunders - Benge 3X ML; Bach 10.5C mouthpiece.

  • Doc Severinsen - Getzen 900s until 1985 then Conn developed the Severinsen Model. In 1987 - Bel Canto Severinsen Model. S.E. SHIRES Doc Severinsen Destino III Bb Trumpet. Mouthpiece - collection of over 300 mouthpieces. Jet-Tone "DS" model in the very early '70's, then had Bob Reeves make his models. Then went to John Stork for a short time. Scott Laskey has made his mouthpieces for him similar to a Bach 5C with a shallow cup; playing a Pickett Signature now.

  • Eddie Severn - old Bach Model #38 Bb Professional Trumpet. Mouthpieces are custom mouthpieces which he designed.

  • Cindy Shea - Cindy Shea plays a Patented Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Model SC3X.351 L RLP, Mic Gillette Trumpet as well as a Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Flugelhorn.

  • Howie Shear - Gold plated VR2-Raptor; Schilke piccolo; Benge D/Eb Bach C w/ 239 bell; French Besson flugelhorn - Howie has a Bob Reeves Valve Alignment on all of his horns. Bob Reeves custom trumpet mouthpiece w/ Bach 3C rim and 2 customized underparts (One for lead and one for Jazz) Bob Reeves C2J; Bob Reeves HF flugelhorn mouthpiece

  • Bobby Shew - Yamaha 8310Z Professional Model Bb Trumpet. Marcinkiewicz and Yamaha custom designed mouthpieces.

  • Chad Shoopman - Fred Powell Custom Bb Professional Trumpet. Shoopman Model Warburton mouthpiece with #9 Warburton back-bore. GR trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Eric Siereveld - Fred Powell Custom Bb Professional Trumpet and a Powell Custom Flugelhorn. Back 1.5 C, and a Reeves 42M w/ 692s backbore for shows, and lead. A Hammond Design 3FL on the flugelhorn.

  • Jay Sollenberger - Lightweight Bach #37 Bb Professional Trumpet. Schilke 14a4a mouthpiece.

  • Lew Soloff - trumpets were a Schilke B6L; 1947 small bore Bach trumpet; custom Monette; Sonare 800L Professional Model Bb Trumpet. Custom made Schilke E trumpet; Mouthpieces - Lew played custom mouthpieces based off a Bach Mt. Vernon 3C with a 25 throat with various cup depths & backbores for different kinds of work. These were made by Giardinelli, Stork, Monette & Schilke.

  • Dave Stahl - Holton ST100 Bb Professional Model Trumpet. Custom Greg Black mouthpiece similar to the Jet Tone he played for many years.

  • Paul Stephens - Yamaha Model YTR-8345RGS Bb Professional Trumpet. Stork custom trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Joey Tartell - B&S 3143 Bb Professional Trumpet. For lead playing a custom Hammond Design. For non-lead playing a Hammond 2L

  • Clark Terry - Olds, Selmer, and a Gold plated Callichio. Mouthpiece: Giardinelli CT model. Flat rim with V cup somewhere between sizes 3 and 5. Flugel piece was close to a 7 with V cup and flat rim.

  • Andrea Tofanelli - Yamaha YTR8345 large-bore trumpet; Flugel Horn - Bobby Shew Z Customized; Mouthpiece handmade by Gianni Amidei. Andrea sometimes uses a Bach 3C to practice at home. For the piccolo trumpet he uses a Bruno Tilz U1 Special.

  • Dave Trigg - Dave Trigg Professional Model Calicchio Bb Trumpet. Greg Black custom mouthpiece.

  • Ron Turner - Yamaha 8345G (LB) and Yamaha 8335LA Trumpets, both in lacquer. Mouthpieces, GR e64M, e64MS & e64S-B to cover any work situations. GR e64FL flugelhorn MPC.

  • Mike Vax - Model 3001MV Getzen Bb Trumpet. Signature Marcinkiewicz mouthpiece.

  • Allen Vizzutti - Yamaha YTR-9335VS Allen Vizzutti Signature Artist Professional Model Bb Trumpet. Signature Marcinkiewicz and Yamaha mouthpieces.

  • Jeff Wilfore - a Cannonball Professional Model 725-B Bb trumpet.

  • Liesl Whitaker - A New York Bach Bb Professional trumpet. A Gary Radke custom-made trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Mike Williams - A custom model Calicchio Bb Professional trumpet.

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