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Trumpet Player Tony Kadleck of New York City

Freelance and Broadway Trumpet Player Tony Kadleck of New York City

Freelance and Broadway Trumpet Player Tony Kadleck of New York City is a highly sought freelance and studio trumpet player who has performed with many artist in and around New York City over the years. Tony Kadleck is available for concerts, clinics, and master classes. In addition to having an extensive big band and small group library, Tony is well versed in rehearsing bands of all sizes, and has had great success in motivating and inspiring young artists, as well as preparing them for performance. His workshops include: big band, small group, improvisation, trumpet/brass sectionals, and discussion about the business of music.

Trumpet Player Tony Kadleck grew up in Binghamton, New York where he began playing the trumpet in 8th grade. Tony Kadleck's high school trumpet teacher was Bernard Shifrin (a disciple of the Ernest Williams camp). Tony relates, "Shifrin taught me a love of music and was the first one to teach me standard repertoire and a warm up routine." After high school, Tony states that he went right off to college but spent his summers teaching at a music camp in upstate New York. Tony performed in the orchestra, wind ensemble, jazz band, and jazz combo at the New England Conservatory of Music and later at the Manhattan School of Music. Tony also started freelancing during his college days. Tony performed with some swing bands while still in college. Andre Come of The Boston Symphony, John McNeil and Lew Soloff (Manhattan School of Music) were his main trumpet teachers during this time. Andre Come worked on excerpts, sound, time, and was very patient with Tony being a "jazz" player. John McNeil modified Tony's way of thinking about improvisation. McNeil thought more like a saxophone player than a trumpeter. Lew Soloff was inspirational by example and gave Tony a warm up routine that he uses to this day.

In 1986, Trumpet Player Tony Kadleck was asked to join the trumpet section of the Buddy Rich Band, and later that year, decided to move to New York City. Tony relates that he began playing Latin gigs in New York and eventually began doing clubs dates, Broadway shows, and recording work as well.

Tony then started subbing for some established trumpet players (Jon Faddis, Marvin Stamm, Lew Soloff, Bob Millikan, etc). Over time, Tony states that he was lucky enough to be called to sit along side these same players. After graduating from the Manhattan School of Music in 1989, Tony did some touring with Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Eventually, the NY studios kept Tony too busy to leave town, and he found himself recording with a number of artists including Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Elton John, and Celine Dion. Tony also spends plenty of time playing a wide variety of live concerts, having performed with Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Ella Fitzgerald, Issac Hayes, John Fedchocks New York Big Band, The Westchester Jazz Orchestra, The Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra and The Count Basie Orchestra. Tony is currently a member of many organizations including the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra, the New York Pops, John Fedchock's NY Big Band, the Westchester Jazz Orchestra, and John Pizzarelli's "Swing Seven". (NOTE: Tony's complete discography is rather lengthy and can be found on his website.)

In addition to playing on countless jingles and for many films and shows, Tony Kadleck has also done a great deal of composing. Since he was 15 years old, Tony has always loved writing music. His debut CD "Extended Outlook", features eight of his original works, about which Tony says, "There is nothing more gratifying than hearing spectacular musicians making these songs come to life." Kadleck has drawn upon many musical experiences to form his own voice, which can be heard in both his playing and in his writing throughout this release. Tony's CD features an amazing cast of musicians, including Chuck Loeb, David Mann, Henry Hey, Jon Herington and Andy Snitzer.

New York Trumpet Player Tony Kadleck Regarding clinic notes or wood shedding advice, Tony states "Colin Advanced Lip Flexibilities" for range building while utilizing Arban's Complete Conservatory Method For Trumpet, Herbert L. Clarke Technical Studies and doing a ton of LISTENING! Tony says, "Be patient. Things don't happen overnight. Start slow and work your way up to things." Tony also advises ... "be a nice person in addition to being a great trumpet player!" When practicing, work on exercises that are difficult for you.

When questioned on studio session dates in New York City, Tony offered the following: "There is generally a pecking order. There are a handful of contractors around. I might be a "first call" for some, a "third call" for others.

Depending on the music contractor (and writer), I sometimes know if I'm supposed to play lead, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or whatever. But oftentimes, nobody says anything and it's left for the studio musicians to figure it out. I never put my coat on a chair until I'm told to sit there. I wait and see who shows up. (We rarely even know that in advance.) If Phil Smith walks in, it's safe to assume that I'm not playing 1st! Most often, everyone dives for the lowest part, since playing lead doesn't pay any more than 4th (unless there's a double).

Composers, arrangers, conductors, contractors, choreographers, copyists, and the guy who fills the vending machine all have their favorite trumpet players. Sometimes they get their way and sometimes they don't. But the days of the best player/nicest person getting the gigs are long gone. Everyone above us on the musical food chain has an opinion, and is not afraid to voice it. That's why it's more important than ever to not just play great, but also to get along with everyone, not just contractors. Increasingly, the contractors have to field requests for certain trumpet players, players that they may not have called on their own.

In New York city, it's hard to say who the top session trumpet players are now because so much of the work is spread around, and much of it is done in small (or home) studios. Trumpet Players whom I've recently run into on recordings include Bob Millikan, Glenn Drewes, Dave Krauss, Jim Ross, Matt Muckey, Jeff Kievit, Lew Soloff, Bud Burridge, Jon Owens, and Barry Danielian. Again, that's not to say that many other trumpet players aren't also busy - they just might be in different circles than myself.

Regarding equipment preferences, Tony relates, "over the years I've played tons of stuff. I started out on a Olds Ambassador Trumpet and a Bach 1 1/2C mouthpiece. As of this writing I use: Bb trumpet: Custom SE Shires Professional Model Bb Trumpet. C trumpet: Lawler. D trumpet: Schilke. Piccolo Trumpet: Stomvi. Flugelhorn: Van Laar 3, Couesnon. Trumpet Mouthpieces: Monette B5LM and a Bach 5B

Tony can be contacted at

Tony also has his own Forum at appropriately named "Kadleck's Corner" where Tony regularly converses with the Trumpet Universe.

Tony Kadleck Discography At CD Universe

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